Stools and Timbers

The most complex large transportation jobs need to be handled carefully, they require skill and experience from the movers and of course they always rely on having the right equipment in place to get the job done. Here at OM Heavy Lift, we’ve got everything needed for even the largest and most complicated procedures.

We have all the vehicles needed for lifting and transporting, including SPMTs, forklifts and cranes, and we have an extensive selection of stools and timbers designed to make even the toughest projects go smoothly. They include more than 30 concrete 1-metre steels and more than a dozen 1250mm x 200te stools.

OM Heavy Lift are based in the Port of Dundee, and over the years our engineers have built a reputation for bringing a calm, methodical approach even to jobs that seem particularly complicated. Our knowledgeable and experienced team are ready and waiting right now to bring that same diligent approach to your next major assignment.

If you have a particularly complex lifting or transportation coming up, it makes sense to have the experts on your side from the first moment to the last. For many of our clients, such a task can be a one-off situation that they have no real understanding of, but for our team the chances are it’s a project that bears similarities to many assignments we’ve performed successfully in the past.

To find out more about what OM Heavy Lift can do for you, all you have to do is call 01382 457 110. We hope you’ll be in touch soon.