Load Spreading Mats

When lifting any heavy items with cranes, safe weight distribution and load stability are crucial. And when it comes to moving the largest, heaviest equipment, working out the most effective distribution can be extremely complex. At times like these you need to have experienced, knowledgeable professionals and the most suitable equipment on hand, and that includes the effective use of load spreading mats.

Here at OM Heavy Lift, we have an extensive range of load spreading mats designed to provide stability for any job. No matter how heavy, how large or how complicated your lift might be, we can help you configure a range of mats to make sure the whole process goes smoothly.

Our selection includes:

  • 9-metre I-beam steel mats
  • 6-metre hardwood mats for crawler cranes
  • Steel plates for roadways and ground covering
  • EcoFoam mats for load spreading

If you’re not sure about your specific requirements, use our free outrigger calculator to give you a general guide. Needless to say, if you’re still unclear or if you have any questions, just ask our experts and we’ll be happy to pass on further information.

Effective load spreading methods can be used in a number of industrial applications, and our engineers know all there is to know about safe, reliable methods of loading, lifting and unloading. To find out more and to discuss any potential project you might have in mind, just call our team on 01382 457 110. With specialist help from OM Heavy Lift, even the most complex operations will be made simpler.

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