OM Heavy Lift have the largest permanent quayside crane in the UK at Dundee Port - A Gottwald Mk1500. Its scale is such that with a 58m boom it can lift 875 Tonnes from the centre of a barge or vessel.

OM Heavy Lift's practical and professional approach utilises the depth of experience and knowledge of our team to provide solutions for our clients. We work closely with our clients to deliver reliability and performance.

OM Heavy Lift also owns and operates a fleet of other crawler cranes:

  • NCK Olympus HC170 ( 170 tonne )
  • NCK Grove RT990 ( 80 tonne )
  • American Skyhorse 11250 ( 400 tonne )

Gottwald MK1500 NCK Olympus HC170 American Hoist 11250 RT990 Mobile Crane

  • Gottwald MK1500 - 875 tonne Quayside Crane
  • NCK Olympus HC170 - 170 tonne Crawler Crane
  • American Hoist 11250 - 400 tonne Crawler Crane
  • Grove RT990 - 80 tonne Mobile Crane
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